As described by Kapil Joshi, DP1 student of Kohinoor American School and Co-founder of ‘The News Guys Podcast”

Steve John (DP1 student of KAS & Co-founder) and I began this journey with a spontaneous idea of talking. The both of us are naturally very talkative and when it struck us we could talk but this time the world would listen, we were overjoyed, and we just talked ideas, it went on and on until we decided what we were going to talk about. We chose global issues, science and technology, and music as our talking point. Although people showed some initial resistance and dislike, they came around for us after we got down to working. Once we published the first episode of the podcast series, Pilot – Bienvenido, we had an incredible response. Go check us out on our website sit back, relax, and experience our journey we like to call,
The News Guys Podcast - Talking World.