Kohinoor American School staged a play titled 'Inside Our Characters' on 11th May 2018 evening which was written by their very own drama teacher Deborah Scavo. The play spoke about different emotions Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust that take control of any human mind and how then we tend to react accordingly. Before the play began, students from MYP 5 and DP 1 role played various Greek Gods. It was a part of their Spanish curriculum. They dressed up and introduced their characters in Spanish.

The students performed brilliantly. The humor in the script, dances, the acting etc was all in-sync while the stage set-up was simple yet perfect. Students not only participated but also helped teachers in the making of props, handling of the stage-setup etc. It was wonderful to see the amphitheater come alive.

The play had a beautiful message for everyone to take home. In a simple way, it showed us how we get so easily influenced by our emotions and most of the time we can actually take charge of the situation and not let our emotions rule over us.

The cool breeze and the splendid performances made it an evening worthwhile.