Good Schooling Is A Nation-Building Exercise

Blog by : Mallika Kotian
(Director Schools, Kohinoor Education Trust)

India prides itself on being one of the youngest nations in the world. The foundation of new-age innovations and economic progress lies on the shoulders of the gen-next. If oriented correctly and schooled well, the youth will propel India into becoming the most powerful country in the world

Global curricula doesn’t operate in a silo

Blog by : Mallika Kotian
(Director Schools, Kohinoor Education Trust)

With the entire world trying to find creative solutions to issues, the traditional teaching learning process does not equip the child with this ability or the ability to think of practical solutions in an evolving society. While, the Global curricula focusses on ability to think independently and creatively with a focus on solutions.

3 Things that make Language Learners special

Blog by : Shakina Mohol
(ESL Specialist-Kohinoor American School)

Language learners are really special people to teach. Not only do they have an abundance of cultural diversity oozing out of every nook and cranny, but theyalso have a great sense of togetherness and unity. I’d like to point out three qualities that make true language learners

Teach them to Love

Blog by : Nicole Donnelly
(Events and Activities Coordinator- Kohinoor American School)

We talk about progress; building bridges and conquering the unknown. We talk of a society that has evolved over the years and is marching forward towards greatness. But, as a modern civilized society - among the many things we do right, we still seem to be struggling with a few.