KAS participated in the Science Exhibition at Amity University on the 28th of February. A team of 3 students Steve, Chaitanya, and Rithchate set out to build an eco-city that was powered by solar panels. They worked late into the night, constructing their model, researching on ways that an eco-city would actually sustain itself. Along with the project, they submitted a research paper on how plastic from the oceans can be collected and used in the construction of roads; a great way to solve an environmental problem. Rithchate calculated how much amount of electricity is produced by each solar panel and the detailed calculation of the amount of electricity that can be produced through solar panels, wind, and hydroelectricity to light up the houses in an entire city roughly for a whole year. The exhibition gave them the opportunity to express and present their ideas to students their age. It was definitely overwhelming when they won at the exhibition. They have come back motivated knowing that an idea can change lives and hard work and determination can actually bring that idea to life.