Blog By Shakina Mohol (ESL Specialist-Kohinoor American School)

Language learners are really special people to teach. Not only do they have an abundance of cultural diversity oozing out of every nook and cranny, but theyalso have a great sense of togetherness and unity. I’d like to point out three qualities that make true language learnersspecial indeed:

1. Intrinsic motivation:

Simply put, these wonderful people are motivated from within. They want to learn a language not because someone told them to, orbecause it’s part of their syllabus, but because they feel they have a real need to study the language. Their career could depend on it, or perhaps they really love the culture of the target language and want to work or live there. One of the most delightful moments of a teacher’s life is when he or she meets a class full of students who have a real desire to learn.

2. Willingness to put in the work

In my opinion, a true language learner wants to put in the hard work needed to learn a language. He or she may have different definitions have of what‘working hard’ means. Hard work could mean watching movies in the target language or something more conventional like maintaining a vocabulary notebook religiously. When I see their hard work, I feel inspired to do better, especially to improve myself as a teacher.

3. Willingness to make mistakes

Without doubt, this is the most important reason I think language learners are great people to be around. Their willingness to make mistakes makes them open, frank and broad minded. They aren’t afraid of making mistakes, whether that means pronouncing a word wrongly or making a grammatical mistake. This willingness to learn through mistakes could even extend to how they deal with their personal lives. They know they won’t ever learn if they don’t make mistakes. Language learners are inspiring people to be around because they use their mistakes as tools to help them reach their goals.

There are, of course, plenty of other reasons why language learners are special. I haven’t mentioned all of them here. But I’d like to end by saying that it’s the learners that make a language classroom special. And when you find a group of true language learners together in class, you can be sure that the rest of the journey is going to be a delightfully fun experience for both you and your students.