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Mallika Kotian

Director Schools - Kohinoor Education Trust (KET)

American Style Education

In Mallika Kotian, Kohinoor American School (KAS) has found an efficient school administrator whose illustrious career spans 17 years. She has been part of some of the best schools in the country and has played a key role in setting up new ventures. Strategic management coupled with a humane approach is her biggest skill. Her involvement in Early Childhood Education, Primary and Secondary Education has catalysed the growth of the schools she has worked with. Her vision to see every employee & student excel in their personal and professional lives has made her create numerous success stories across the nation.

Mrs. Monica Drego

MYP Coordinator

American Style Education

Mrs. Monica Drego is working in the field of education – National and International, for the last 30 years and is in International Baccalaureate program since 1998. She has worked in the capacity of MYP coordinator, DP coordinator, Head of MYP, Head of DP and Education Director. She has been part of the Authorisation and Evaluation processes of IB and had led Mercedes Benz International School through its Evaluation Process of the MYP program.

She has also worked with NGOs and conducts corporate workshops. She has worked with Managers, Youth Leaders, Behavioural Science Trainers and Educationists. She received Gold medal at the hands of Late Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi for academic excellence and best teacher award from Lions Club Pune.

She is also a certified Graphologist, Pranic Healer, Dance therapist and a Dream Therapist. She is a Member of Indian Association for the Study of Dreams and Institute of Counseling and Transaction Analysis. She assisted Dr. Francis A. Menezes to write his book on “Dream and its Interpretations made easy”, where a special mention has been made.

Mrs. Anuradha Paul

DP Coordinator

American Style Education

Mrs. Anuradha Paul, A professional and highly-motivated educator and a leader with a noticeable passion in the field of education that spans over 18 years. She held Senior Management position for six years coordinating the following areas: School Events, Co- curricular programme, School Welfare, Boarding Programme, Child Protection, Rewards/ Sanctions and other initiatives such as a member of the Core Committee for Five Year Review process and a part of creating an Academic Faculty Guide / Policy / Staff Handbook.

She has more than seven year experience in the middle management position as CAS Coordinator and Higher Education Advisor. She has been a teacher of English since 1999: IPC, CBSE, ICSE, CPS, IGCSE – First Language and Literature, IGCSE English as a Second Language and IBDP English ‘A’ Language and Literature and English B. She is also an IBDP English B Examiner for Paper 1 and Extended Essay. She has lead the Examination Committee and Teaching and Learning Committee, and have conducted the Mock and IBDP final examination in the year 2014 and also have remained involved in implementing range of strategies towards improving students’ Achievement for Learning and Attitude for Learning.

She has been actively involved in planning and policy documentation for the first IBDP Five Year Review process for CAS and Group 1 & 2 at International School Aamby. During her instinct with Good Shepherd International School she was involved in duties and responsibilities of being a residential teacher, functioned as In-charge and coordinated all the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

As a founder member in the Language Faculty, she remained involved in developing teaching and learning programme, designed comprehensive course outlines, teaching methodologies and has remained actively involved in curriculum mapping for CPS, IGCSE and IB English course.