Blog By Mallika Kotian (Director Schools, Kohinoor Education Trust)
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India prides itself on being one of the youngest nations in the world. The foundation of new-age innovations and economic progress lies on the shoulders of the gen-next. If oriented correctly and schooled well, the youth will propel India into becoming the most powerful country in the world

In days of yore, children spent most of their early years with the family and thus the responsibility to instil the right values lay with the family system. In today’s day, with parents leading an extremely busy lifestyle, children enter school as early as 1.5 years. Thus, the burden of command shifts largely to the schooling system. Good schooling is the foundation stone of the bright future of not only a child but also the nation.

A country is known by its intellectual worth that fuels the growth in technology, manufacturing, service, defence and other areas. This is can be made possible only if the workforce is correctly trained to contribute to these aspects. If a child is schooled correctly in an environment that nurtures creativity, logical thinking and innovative ideas, then the country is surely on the path to progress.

With the advent of new-age revolutions like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Bitcoins and Blockchain technology, conventional jobs will soon end. The India of tomorrow will need a work-force that not only thinks out of the box but one that can beat machine intelligence. We are in for a future that we have never seen or heard of. What then is the role of educators?

Schools and institutions of learning need to have faculty that are committed to stimulating curiosity in students. Class time must be spent in discussions, deliberations and innovative ideas should be rewarded. Schools must encourage futuristic thinking and allocated assignments that fuel the same.

We live in a country where 150 years move together. The older generations never heard of a mixer-grinder while the newer generations are toying with ideas of tele-portation. Every person is in a state of flux and trying to get a grip on the changing times. The older generation of educators come with wisdom that is irreplaceable. However, they need to be tempered and brought upto pace with today’s times.

My observation tells me that contemporary working parents are now preferring residential international schooling as a promising option for their growing children.

Teachers at residential schools are always available 24X7 for the students and play an important role in satiating the curiosity of an intelligent child. Studies say that children studying in residential schools become life-long learners ready to conquer challenges without hesitation. Residential schooling offers extra security within the school premises ensuring that the child grows in an independent but protected environment.

The environment at good residential schools fosters learning and boosts imagination. A note of caution however would be that parents must verify the authenticity of the promises and the authorisation certification of the school before they enrol their ward.

I urge parents to look beyond the brick and mortar facilities offered by schools and instead focus on the pedagogy followed. The background of the teachers and success score is a critical evaluation factor that a parent must consider. A school that refuses to compromise on the quality of education and dispenses futuristic education must be on the top of the list. The nation will be gifted with fantastic leaders, thinkers and administrators if the school is right.

Once a child is enrolled in a residential school, it is the prerogative of parents to nurture their bond and dissolve the distance between their children.

Take the example of the Kohinoor American School (KAS) in Khandala, Maharashtra. Recently, it was judged as the best school in India and also won the award for most innovative teaching. Parents who are looking at fuelling their child’s intelligence and creativity can visit the campus and explore the premises.

A good school will ensure that the child grows up to be a confident individual who is a good human being. The school must be committed to add to India’s growth, one student at a time.