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“Kohinoor American school.” When someone says that, I have all these memories flashing in my mind. The good and the bad ones. The good that has motivated me to do more. And the bad that has made me work harder. I can proudly call this place my home because I got to learn and experience independently. Staying with a diverse community made me understand the meaning of respect and empathy. The teachers in the school have moulded me into this confident individual who can take rational decisions. Their love never made me feel homesick. I used to look forward to meet my teachers and take advice from them. I never had to worry about my academics because I knew I was in the BEST hands.

The friends that I have made in this school are lifelong. They are friends that have now turned into family. And that wouldn’t be possible without the efforts put in by this school. They made sure that we communicate and stay in a close knit group.

The dorm is a place where I found comfort because of the atmosphere that was created. It was the place where I could switch on my relax mode. I miss waking up on Sunday mornings and having dosa. The canteen always responded to our needs in a positive way and made the food homelike.

At KAS, we celebrated all the festivals. And I always used to look forward to each one of them. They were celebrated with such enthusiasm that one of them was memorable. Graduating from this school has been an honour because the faculty accepts each student the way they are and there is no discrimination made. A safe environment is all that is needed and KAS gave me that. I just wish I could turn back time and go back.


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Hello everyone! I graduated as the class of 2019 from Kohinoor American School and right now I'm here at SCAD - Savannah College of Art and Design and I plan to major in Industrial Design and I would like to share my experience of being a student at KAS. It is one of the best boarding schools in India, I would recommend everyone who wants to do the IB diploma to go to Kohinoor American School. This school has taught me how to be balanced, which is one of the most important IB learner profile, time management and as the KAS byline says "beyond your best". KAS has helped me to not only make me the best of who I am but also prepare me to go beyond my limits. Thank you to all the teachers especially Ms. Anuradha and Ms. Mallika who have always helped me and for making my journey a really wonderful and gave me the experiential way of learning. Challenging situations are one of the things IB is filled with but finally it will prepare you for the course and life beyond. I was able to overcome these challenges through my friends, students, teachers and faculty members. As a student at KAS, I can say that you have all the resources you'll ever need and there are so many opportunities at your disposal. I have attended so many workshops like pottery, printing etc. All these techniques and knowledge have helped me come here - to such an amazing art school and it was much easier for me to cope with the work and understand the classes over here. In summary, KAS will give you all of the knowledge resources and opportunities you'll ever need to succeed in the future but the most important skill that I've learned at Kohinoor American school is time management. This time management skill has really become a part of me and has helped me in college so much. Thank you guys for making my journey to SCAD such an easy and wonderful ride.


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The most exciting years of a life is high school. Teenagers are always so excited to witness the high school experience. But in the IB, high school is a different scene. For fun we complete our "CAS" portfolio, when we are bored we work on the "EE" research and when we are actually having fun otherwise, "TOK" haunts our minds. Procrastination sounds very tempting at that point, but believe me, the only "P" that you should strive to is "Points", IB grade points.

To begin with, the most important point to remember in the IB is to sit with your Bible The Subject Guides. If you don't know what are the types of assessments in your subjects, you're already in deep trouble. Start as soon as you start DP1 or before.

Notes are the key to get that 45 you dream of. Make notes in every class you sit in, utilise them for your exams later. Study hard and study smart. But along with studying, don't forget to take necessary breaks to give you a little "me" time.

Focussing on the cores is very important. Extended essays might sound difficult, but if it is in a subject you enjoy, it should be fun to research on. Theory of knowledge is one challenging subject in the IB curriculum. So, do not take those AOKs and WOKs lightly.

Finally, be true to yourself. Studying for the sake of others never helped anyone. Study for yourself and for the future you see yourself in. Outside the space of KAS is an even bigger world which awaits you with opportunities, friendships and lifelong relations. Good luck for the future DP students!


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I have one thing which everyone needs to keep in mind - that time management is a must. I know this term, “Time management” is in existence since ages but it is the key point. Everyone has a different style of working and managing and it is important, especially in DP. I would suggest that the completion of IAs and EE by mid of the second year is great as you don’t want to rush with everything at the 11th hour. For subjects and the course you all need to keep up with at least a minimum hour study. From the second year try practicing with the past papers, clearing doubts and most importantly keep up with the submissions. Try not to cross the deadlines.

Lastly, please get enough sleep as the brain stops working once it is tired. Don’t push yourself too much with everything; calm yourself down and start over again.


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Hey guys! Hopefully school isn't all that boring without us there. College has been an amazing experience so far and it will continue to be. I am having the time of my life and I love all the classes I am in. Living on my own in a new country started off as a bit of a challenge, but now I am well adjusted and having so much fun.

The teachers weren't wrong when they said that the courses would be difficult, trust me they are . But its not hing you guys won't be prepared for. My piece of advice for y'all is to study. Trust me, do it whole heartedly for how many ever you have left at KAS but don't for get to have fun at the same time. Please, and I can not stress this enough, gets leep and study during the day. Staying up late to study is not going to help you focus during exams.

Have a great time at KAS and university life is waiting for you.


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These two years were the most hectic yet the most exciting learning experience of my life. All the struggle, the pain of finishing the IAs and EE in due time, those sleepless nights thinking about TOK claims and counterclaims are all worth it once your are in your dream college and are piled with so many assignments and tests in just a week. That's when all you have learned through IB comes to your rescue and believe me, life becomes much more easier.


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Definitely, it wasn't like the High School Musical, but it was filled with tons of memories, and all lessons about life. We all were learners and will always be. We are bound to make many friends but the friends we made in the last few years will always have that special place in our hearts. So, Just enjoy these moments because they will last a lifetime


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"Nothing is hard, until you make it hard for yourself". This very quote is something I never followed but I recommend you guys follow it. IBDP is a platform which gives you an opportunity to truly find yourself. It helps you know your weaknesses so that you can work on them, your strengths so that your productivity is increaded, your areas of exploration and lastly what is best for you. If you have something in your mind, go for it, if you want to learn explore about it. If you want to be spoken, don't hesitate. That's what IBDP is like. It asks you not to stop, to keep moving forward.

Having a goal and reminding yourself about it on everyday basis will help you to not slack off. Deadlines may seem far, but with procastination, time flies. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO NOT PROCASTINATE. Trust me, when everything is due the next day, it is ridiculously difficult and makes you cry too. Just finish things when they are asked to be done. Extracurricular activities: choose them wisely, I mean if it goes with CAS activities it is just a plus point. You should be having fun too. Be selfish, nothing is wrong in focusing on things which matters to you. For now, the most important thing for you guys is IBDP. All the effort, creativity and focus, put it in that because the end product will make all your hard work pay off and you will be happy. Things can get hard but don't let it effect you for a long time. There will be times when nothing is going right and it feels like everything is falling apart, but pull yourslef together and say you can do it. You guys are more than capable of things you think of. So strive for it and don't stop.


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Providing opportunities to brilliant students like you all through stimulating, safe, protective, and supportive environment for attaining personal mastery and team spirit through collaborative learning wherein you get the chance to develop not only your knowledge and skills necessary for success but much more than that. Yes, all of this is possible at KAS. That's the place where you are not scolded for your mistakes but you are given the golden opportunity to learn from your mistakes. That's how our KAS family and people living there will treat you. From attending all the CAS meetings, family time to celebrating the cultural and religious diversity, creating a truly international global environment is only possible at KAS. Just remember ont thing KAS is a unique place filled with joy and happiness. KAS is the only combination of 'education with fun'.


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There will be setbacks and times when you feel overwhelmed. During these moments please seek help, try to stay resilient and always remember that things can be turned around. It is a fantastic program where there is freedom to explore and genuinely learn. You don’t have the pressure of memorising loads of stuff. Just stay determined and enjoy the ride.